Flame Test - #4.4 Flame Test Lab #5 Jennie Chang(even)...

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#4.4 Flame Test Lab #5 Jennie Chang(even) Allison Yee (odd partner) Makenzy Doniak (even partner ) EXTRA CREDIT
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Calculations: For the unknown chemical(#7), it turned a sunshine white, kind of lime-y green yellow, and for unknown chemical (#8), it turned a dark fiery orange. Therefore as the electrons return to their normal levels, the energy that was absorbed is emitted in the form of visible light. The colors seen were used to identify the unknowns. Unknown #7 proved to be Ba 2+ and unknown #8 turned out to be Ca 2+ . Discussion: As my partners and I went through the lab, we thought it was fairly easy, fun, and interesting. We got to watch how differently each chemical burned. However, when we first started, we had trouble adjusting our Bunsen burner. Another problem we had, was that the door was open, and wind kept blowing our flame to the side. For some of the chemicals, it was hard to tell what color it was changing to, and we had to try it multiple times before we saw anything happen. But all in all, it was a fairly easy lab.
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Flame Test - #4.4 Flame Test Lab #5 Jennie Chang(even)...

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