APUSH chesapeake vs England - Jennie Chang-Explain why...

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Jennie Chang 8/29/10 -Explain why there were no major witchcraft scares in the Chesapeake colonies and no uprising like Bacon’s Rebellion in New England. Consider the possible social, economic, and religious causes of both phenomena. The reason why there were no major witchcraft scares in the Chesapeake colonies was because Chesapeake colonists came to America in search of gold and profits. However, they soon found that there was no gold and prospered through planting tobacco. Even though the difficulty of life in the Chesapeake region was tough, the prospect of owning land lured migrants there. The English were only concerned with how much money they could make rather than focus on things such as supernatural forces and other unusual events. On the other hand in New England, there were many witchcraft scares because like Native Americans, Puritans believed that the world was full of supernatural and spiritual forces. Roger Williams, the minister of the Puritan church in Salem, taught that political magistrates had authority over only the “bodies, goods, and outward estates of me,” not their spiritual lives. The magistrates banished him from the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1636. In 1637, the magistrates put Anne Hutchinson on trial for teaching that inward grace freed an individual from the rules of the church. These actions caused England to fall into a religious war. Moreover, some puritans claimed they saw signs of God’s or Satan’s power in blazing stars, birth defects, and other unusual events. Their beliefs came partly from Pagan influences and Christian teachings. When Samuel Sewall, a well-educated Puritan merchant and judge, moved into a new house, he fended off evil spirits by driving a metal pin into the floor. Thousands of ordinary Puritan farmers followed the pagan astrological charts to determine the best times to plan crops, marry, and make other important decisions. These superstitions made it possible for the colonists to believe in witchcraft. Uprisings similar to Bacon’s Rebellion never occurred in New England because they had
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APUSH chesapeake vs England - Jennie Chang-Explain why...

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