Cortes meets Montezuma - Andrew Chen Tony Bazzo Joey...

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Andrew Chen Tony Bazzo Joey Dufresne Jaydon Jennie Chang Period 3 November 29, 2010 Cortes Meets Montezuma [Cortes and crew(1000 soldiers 16 horses/weapons) sailing coast of Mexico] Narrator: Hernando Cortes sailed with nearly 1000 soldiers, 16 horses, and weapons on an expedition that would change Mexico forever. Cortes traveled along the coast of Mexico where he founded a settlement he called Vera Cruz. After landing, he burned all his ships, making it impossible for his soldiers to desert. They had to pledge to fight with him, no matter what the consequences. [Cortes burning ships] Cortes : I have burned all the ships so you cannot return. You must pledge to fight by my side. Soldiers: We’ll fight with you. Narrator: On the main land, Cortes saw Aztec Indians. They had a highly developed civilization. The Aztec religion had a legend about a god named Quetzalcoatl. (ket- SAHL-kuh-WHAT-el). According to the legend, he had been banished from the empire. The legend said that he would return on this day to reclaim his place. Quetzalcoatl was
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Cortes meets Montezuma - Andrew Chen Tony Bazzo Joey...

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