donovan history essay - Compare the Korean war w/the war in...

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Compare the Korean war w/the war in Vietnam. War is something that should definitely be avoided if possible. It only leads to a lot of resources wasted, lives lost, and economy hurt. However, sometimes, war is inevitable. The decision to engage in war in Vietnam and Korea had its ideological root in the Truman Doctrine which found clear expression of President Dwight Eisenhower’s so called “Domino Theory”. There are many similarities and differences between the Korean and Vietnam wars. First off, the Korean and Vietnam Wars have many similarities. The main reason America fought each of these wars was to keep independent nations from succumbing to communist control. America thought that if they allowed soviets to take Korea and Vietnam, other parts of Asia would be at stake. Ho Chi Minh began as a nationalist fighter and only turned to communism in order to support his aims. Also, both Vietnam and Korea became split between the communist north and the democratic south. North Korea and North Vietnam were connected to communist China and received supplies and support from them. On the otherhand, South Korean and south Vietnam favored democracy. The United States gave them weapons, supplies, and military advisors, which led to troops fighting in each of these wars. Both Wars ended in negotiations. Neither side won out right like they did in World War 2. This demonstrates the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States. Each side feared the other but neither side achieved a decisive victory. The Vietnam and Korean wars also differ in many aspects. The biggest difference
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donovan history essay - Compare the Korean war w/the war in...

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