Virginia company APUSH outline - Jennie Chang August 29,...

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Jennie Chang August 29, 2011 The Virginia Company Commerce was the Virginia Company’s primary goal. - (1607) first expedition: limited to male traders who were the employees or “servants” of the company. -The company directed them to procure their own food and to ship gold, exotic crops, and Indian merchandise to England -Some of the traders were young gentlemen with personal ties to the company’s shareholders; others were cynical men who only wanted gold -However, there was no gold. -The traders were ill equipped to deal with the new environment after arriving in Virginia after exhausting 4-month voyage -Settled on swampy, unhealthy peninsula named Jamestown in honor of king -Lacked fresh water& refused to plant crops so quickly died off -38 of the 120 traders were alive 9 months later - (1611) Virginia Company had dispatched 1,200 settlers to Jamestown but fewer than half had survived. -Men were destroyed with cruel diseases The Virginia Company should not have let John Rolfe import tabacco seed and cultivate the crop because it fetched a high price in England which drew “eager to become rich” settlers to Virginia. This wasn’t a smart move because the Algonquians then believed the English of coming “not to trade but to invade [their] people and possess [their] country.” To foster the flow of migrants, the Virginia Company instituted new policies. -(1617) allowed individual settlers to own land -granted 100 acres to every freeman&allowing those who imported servants to claim an additional 50 acres for every one. -Issued a “greate Charter” that created a system of representative government
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Virginia company APUSH outline - Jennie Chang August 29,...

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