Billy Budd English 11 AP Short Form Book Report

Billy Budd English 11 AP Short Form Book Report - 1 Chang...

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1 Chang Jennie Chang Mr. Higgins English 11 AP 2 September 2011 English 11 AP Short Form Book Report Title: Billy Budd Genre: Historical Fiction/Novella Published: 1924 Author: Herman Melville Type: Novel/ Drama Narrative Level: 1. Billy Budd: Billy Budd is an innocent, naïve character, like a blooming flower “bud” that does not yet understand the evils of the world. His personality reflects his “Handsome sailor” outlooks. His innocence leads him oblivious to others’ ill intentions and evil motives. Billy is typically demur, but when openly accused and confronted by something, he is unable to respond in a defensive way—aside from violence—because of his innocence. Claggart : Claggart is a malicious character that can be seen as the opposite of Billy Budd: evil and corrupted. Due to his hateful ways and corrupted thinking, Claggart is paranoid of other peoples’ intentions and becomes easily envious of others. His animosity towards Billy is partly due to the fact that Claggart’s personality is the complete opposite from that of Billy’s. Claggart can be described as deceitful, guileful, and machinating because of his actions and motives. Captain Vere: Captain Vere is a person of strong morals. He places his duties as a captain above all; his sense of responsibility as a captain is what really controls him. Even though Vere believed Billy was innocent, he had no choice but to condemn Billy as guilty because Vere’s conscience led him to know that he had to obey the rules. Captain Vere is essentially a loyal figure that arrests duty before emotions. 2. Dansker: The Dansker is an old, wise sailor that Billy goes to for advice. Dansker’s advice reflects his mysterious, wise, and perceptive personality. Dansker notices Claggart’s distaste for Billy when Billy himself does not notice it. However, Dansker is unhelpful in that his speaking is too vague and not specific enough to help and warn Billy. Squeak: Squeak is one of Claggarts accomplices in a sense. He is almost like a lesser representation of Claggart himself because Squeak is conniving, sneaky, and nosy. His got his nickname Squeak from his habit of sneaking around the ship like a rat and reporting false information.
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Billy Budd English 11 AP Short Form Book Report - 1 Chang...

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