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Unformatted text preview: The Magician's Guild By: Trudi Canavan Pages: 370 In the novel, The Magician's Guild, Canavan writes a fantasy story of a young girl named Sonea. Sonea is a beggar child from the slums of Imardin, the famed capital of Kyralia and home of the Magicians Guild. Sonea grew up wildly, running around with other children and street gangs. However, she possesses a noble heart and only tries to make the best of things. Every year, Magicians go down to the slums and do their yearly purge of all the unwanted in the city. The Magicians happened to pass by Sonea and her group of trouble making friends, and furious, they hurled stones at the Magicians. Sonea and her friends didnt expect the stones to actually hit or hurt the Magicians because the Magicians always hold up a magic barrier to protect themselves. However, when Sonea hurled an angry stone at the Magicians, hers and hers only, surpasses the...
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