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The Monkey’s Paw - The Monkey's Paw By W.W...

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The Monkey’s Paw By: W.W. Jacobs Pages: 9 In the short excerpt “The Monkey’s Paw,” Jacobs writes about a wealthy family, Mr. and Mrs. White, and their diligent son, Herbert. The story takes place in the shivery cold of night, where a family friend, Sergeant Major Morris, pays the White’s cozy home a visit. Over whisky, Sergeant Morris enthralls the family in stories of his doughty travel abroad India. Out of the blue, Mr. White questions Sergeant Morris about the monkey’s paw, and Sergeant Morris hastily replies nothing, as if trying to hide a furtive secret. By doing this, the Sergeant drew out the family’s curiosity. After some urging from Mr. White, the Sergeant told the family about the paw, claiming that the monkey’s paw can grant a man three wishes, but the three wishes come with consequences. He warns them that it would be best to just throw the paw away, but being a risk taker, Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds. Mrs. White is relived that 200 pounds didn’t appear the night her husband made the wish, however, the next day, Mr. and Mrs. White were told that their
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