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1. 2. What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is the art of thinking about thinking while thinking in order to make thinking better 3. are the interwoven phases of critical thinking? What is its aim? 1) It analyzes thinking 2) Evaluates thinking 3) Improves thinking Best thinkers use their ability to think well in every dimension of their lives. Best thinkers make the study of thinking second nature. Critical thinking is the way you do everything you do 4. Review - Define what is critical thinking? Mode of thinking about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker improves the quality of their thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing and reconstructing it Critical thinking is self directed, self disciplined, self monitored and self corrective thinking 5. What does it mean to: To analyze thinking: To assess thinking To analyze thinking Identify its purpose, question, information, conclusion(s), assumptions, implications, main concepts, and point of view To assess thinking Check it for clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, significance, logic and fairness 6. Orders of Thinking Critical thinking adds a second level of thinking to ordinary thinking First order thinking Is spontaneous and nonreflective. It contains insight, prejudice, truth and error, good and bad reasoning, indiscriminately combined Second order thinking Is first order thinking raised to a second level of conscious realization( analyzed, assessed and reconstructed) 7. What must you become to be a good critical thinker? Part of the critical thinking process is becoming fair minded . To be fair minded is to strive to treat every viewpoint relevant to a situation in an unbiased , unprejudiced way. The opposite of fair-mindedness is to be intellectual unfairness – is to lack a sense of responsibility to represent accurately and fairly viewpoints with which one disagrees 8. 1) What is a weaksense thinker? 2) What is sophistry? Weak sense thinkers or sophistic sense critical thinkers – recognizing the fault in others reasoning but not in your own. Sophistry is the art of winning arguments regardless of whether there are problems in the thinking being used. 9. What is a strong sense critical thinker? Strong sense critical thinkers consistent pursuit of the fair and just. Work to empathize with the viewpoints of others Willing to listen to the view points of others Change their views when faced with better reasoning than their own
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10. Review Traits of the disciplined mind Intellectual automony Intellectual integrity Intellectual humility Intellectual sense of justice Intellectual perserverence Intellectual fair mindedness Intellectual confidence in reason Intellectual courage Intellectual empathy 11.What is Intellectual Humilty? Strive to discover the extent of your arrogance
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