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WGU literature definitions Hide All Show All Shuffle Help Question Answer fiction narrative writing based on the imagination foreshadowing the presentation of material in a work in such a way that later events are prespared for it falling action the 2nd half of resolution of a dramatic plot foil a bright metal placed under a jewel for brilliance foil a character who underscores the characteristics of another character figurative language intentional departure from the normal order, construction, or meaning flashback a device by which work presents material that occured prior to the opening scene of the work epistolary novel a novel in which the narrative is carried forward by letters written by one or more of the characters genre designated types of art hero central characters in the work hyperbole exaggeration or overstatement imagery collection of images of work in media es term from Horace meaning "in the midst" lyric breif subjective poem strongly marked by imagination melody & emotion and creating a single unified impression monologue a composition giving discourse of one speaker motif motive motif a simple element that serves as a basis for extended narrative or less strictly conventional situation device or interest metaphor analyogy identifying one object with another metonymy the substitution of the name of an object closely associated with a word for the word itself narrative an account of events anything that is narrated novella a tale or short story novel used in its broadest sense to designate any extended fictional narrative almosst always improse flat character constructed around a single idea or quality (EM Fosters) nonfiction fact or based on history
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onomatopoeia words that suggest their meaning like "buzz" persona a mask / second self protagonist the chief character in a work paradox a statement that although seemingly contradictory or absurd may actually be well founded or true personification a figure that endows anything otehr than human as human recognition plot someones acquisition knowledge previously with held the principal
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LCC1 - WGU literature definitions Hide All Show All Shuffle...

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