lct1abortion - "Promiscuity carries with it a heavy...

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“Promiscuity carries with it a heavy emotional and psychological price tag. Abortion, also, carries with it emotional and psychological burdens which sometimes are long-lasting. The mother needs to think seriously before having an abortion, and not make a decision under the pressure of others, because she is the one that is going to have to live with that decision for the rest of her life. The grief or guilt that comes with having an abortion can last, for some women, for decades, and some never fully heal emotionally. Some women have expressed the thought that they always wonder who or what that baby would have been. So having an abortion is not something to be taken lightly, even in the case of a baby with congenital defects. About 20% of woman who have an abortion have severe mental distress 5 years after the abortion, compared to around 2% who had miscarriages. (Ertelt, May 5, 2004).” Author Ertelt believes feelings of guilt, shame and sometimes regret are most experienced by women who had induced abortions. With so many choices available today, Author Ertelt feels that by the choice of abortion should be taken into careful consideration and not letting others influence a decision that will be with a woman for the remainder of her life. Since Author Ertelt
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lct1abortion - "Promiscuity carries with it a heavy...

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