Parametric Curves with Ms. Lindon

Parametric Curves with Ms. Lindon - Mathematics and Fine...

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Mathematics and Fine Arts Fine Arts in Mathematics Learning Objective - Students will be able to appreciate Mathematics in an aesthetic sense as they will be able to provide examples of Fine Arts in different categories that are products of Mathematics. Grade Level – Secondary Education 9 th Graders Ms. Lindon's list of materials: Tangible Artifact : miniature model of Michealangelo's 'David' Buonarroti, M. 1501-1503, (Painter, Sculptor, and Architect ), David, [Sculpture], Italy, Accademia Gallery, Florence Purchased a Borders Book store. Miniature model will be used to showcase form and size to students. Textbook : Dreamakers by Crayola. Crayola (2006).Dreamakers (First Edition). Boston: Crayola. Book was obtained from Education Supply store. It is used to formulate ideas, solve problems and think for themselves through fun and exciting visual learning experiences Audio : Professor Bill Messenger (1998) The Teaching Company, Lecture 7: Modern Jazz Messenger, B. (Speaker). (1998). The teaching company, lecture 7: modern jazz [Audio Recording]. New York: Audio Associates. Audio CD purchased at borders bookstore in fine arts category Students will relate to the music and apply this to math by keeping count of the beats and how many instruments are used to compose music. Video : DVD of Dynamic Paintings . The disk contains episodes of 6 different Dynamic Paintings. Miller, M. (Director, Producer). (2003). San Base Studio [Dynamic Paintings].Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. DVD was used to show symmetric patterns and math equations that produce art from different colors. Video was obtained through mail order catalog. Painting : The Starry Night van Gogh, V., 1888, (, Sculptor, and Architect), [Painting], The Starry Night, Arles, van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
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Replica of the painting was obtained from art gallery and will be used to show students parametric curves. (Ms. Lindon walks in the classroom and sees all the students up and about) Ms. Lindon : Okay student take your seats we about to begin today's lesson (Student 1 raises his hand) Ms. Lindon : Yes Student 1 (students finish taking their seats) Student 1 : Ms. Lindon what sort of lesson are we going to do today? Ms. Lindon : Well I was thinking Fine Art Students : YAAAAAAAY Ms. Lindon : I was also thinking about math. Students : BOOOOOOOO Ms. Lindon : Shall we begin? Students were you aware that art and mathematics go hand in hand? Somewhat like basketball, Art can be referred to as the person at half court and Math can be seen as the person to get the ball to inside the paint to score the basket over the opposing team. As often as many people like to see these two subjects as individual subjects, when working together as a team it definitely becomes fascinating. How about we take a look at the subject of math, when you think of math, what is your perspective on it? Students
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Parametric Curves with Ms. Lindon - Mathematics and Fine...

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