LCT 1 - Gilbert's angry frustrated and emotional letter...

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Gilbert’s angry, frustrated and emotional letter criticizing LeBron James after the star chose to leave his hometown Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat generated a flood of support. A team spokesman said the team received thousands of emails and phone calls, including some from fans offering to help Gilbert pay the $100,000 fine handed down by NBA Commissioner David Stern. It was one week ago the controversial team owner released a letter on the team’s Web site ripping James’ decision as a “shameful display of selfishness and betrayal.” The same letter contained unflattering descriptions of James like “narcissistic” and “self-promotional.” Further, Gilbert vowed to win an NBA championship before “the self-titled former king.” Many would think since you are from a certain state that you would support a certain team. This does not happen to be the case with the author of this article. Author Groberman weighs in on how Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert feels after Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers to become a player for the Miami Heat. Gilbert feels that since Lebron was born and raised in the Akron, Ohio area and essentially started his NBA career with the Cleveland Cavaliers that turning his back on the entire state has been the worst thing that Lebron James could ever do. Author Groberman suggest that Dan Gilbert acted a tad bit childish and selfish by not allowing Lebron
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LCT 1 - Gilbert's angry frustrated and emotional letter...

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