LCT TASK 3 revised - In writing The Bluest Eye Toni...

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Unformatted text preview: In writing The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison depicts that no matter what your skin color is (whether it was black or white) at that time society was built on the tides of racism and it took a mental toll on the many people that experienced such devastation. In this paper as Morrison emphasized in her book, two aspects of identity will be discussed: race and gender. What Pauline considered to be the definition of beautiful was the beauty in which she saw while attending a movie and what society considered to be drop dead gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian and Pauline felt an internal hatred because she would never be that woman on the screen nor will she ever be considered beautiful according to those standards of beauty that society was built on in the 1920. 30's and 40's . Morrison also spoke of a character by the name of Pecola as another female that could not adjust to her own beauty instead she felt that the only way she would ever be considered anything close to beautiful is if she had blue eyes. Not just any blue eyes but the bluest eyes. All throughout Morrison's book The Bluest Eye, you cannot escape what the definition were back in those times nor the people that adopted such standards. To Pecola and Pauline the only way that they could experience true happiness or gain the respect from their peers and society was for them to conquer that standard of beauty set for those times. However, even after conquering those standard of beauty, Pecola and Pauline would still not be happy with themselves (Morrison, T....
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LCT TASK 3 revised - In writing The Bluest Eye Toni...

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