white house revised - By technical terms...

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By technical terms "otherness" is defined as the Other is an individual who is perceived by the group as not belonging, as being different in some fundamental way. Any stranger becomes the Other. The group sees itself as the norm and judges those who do not meet that norm (that is, who are different in any way) as the Other. Perceived as lacking essential characteristics possessed by the group, the Other is almost always seen as a lesser or inferior being and is treated accordingly. The Other in a society may have few or no legal rights, may be characterized as less intelligent or as immoral, and may even be regarded as sub-human. This is the voice of the African-American removed from his primary country and made an expatriate of his own home. Otherness is emphasized within the lines of this poem as "Your door is shut against my tightened face" (Line 1) This line signifies that the character portrayed in this poem is an outsider even where he lives and cannot escape. It would be useless even if he could because he would just be an outsider in Africa now as well. This feeling of otherness is even further revealed in later lines "To hold me to the letter of your law!" (Line 12) This line best exemplifies the dilemma of the African-American feeling removed from home and lost even in the western civilization he is forced to adopt. McKay's "Outcast" is the poem which the
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white house revised - By technical terms...

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