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Horn Formulas 1. Horn formula a. Boolean formulas are a way of expressing facts and deriving logical conclusions from them. a.i. Ex: Dr Black is murdered at 8 pm. There are 3 suspects. Define Boolean variables (true/false) for each unknown. X = M is innocent Y = P is innocent Z = S is innocent W = M was asleep at 8 pm P = S was in the study at 8 pm Q = murder took place in kitchen b. Once variables are defind, we will put constaints on them reflecting what we do know. Horn formulas permit 2 types of constraints b.i. Negative clause: an OR of negative literals. Xbar v ybar v zbar (v = or) (at least one of them is guilty.) b.ii. Implications: and of positive literals => positive literal. W => x (if w is true, then x is true) (p n q) => z (n = and) 2. Horn Satisfiability a. Given: a bunch of Boolean variables a bunch of classes (of those 2 types) question: is the formula satisfiable (is there a way to assign true/false to the
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Unformatted text preview: variables that satisfy all the clauses)? If so, give a satisfying assignment. b. Is this formula satisfiable? A => b C and d => a => A C => d Satisfiable: A true B true C false D false But adding the single clause a => c makes he formula unsatisfiable. c. Greedy strategy Start with all variables false Make a variable true only if forced to by some implication If all negative clasues are satisfied output assignment Else output not satifiable A => b C and d => a => a C => d A b c d False false false false True “ “ “ “ true “ “ d. Why is this correct? At the end of phase 1, if a variable is set to true, then it must be true in any satisfying assignment. Minimal # of true variables If phase 2 fails, it is because a negative clause wants us to make some variable false. But this is not possible. e....
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cse101_11_23_11 - variables that satisfy all the clauses If...

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