Lecture 4 - Lecture 4: Psych 300 Oct 3rd Slide 1: Affect...

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Lecture 4: Psych 300 Oct 3 rd Slide 1: Affect ‘emotional background’ - Visible emotional state - Objective + observed state. - Many types of affect - Change many times a day - Woke up (sad) watching tv (happy) etc - “blunted” or “flat affect” people who tend to show little affect people who used to show a normal affect, but changes to little affect disorder - “Labile affect” rapid change in affect dramatic λ Can be incongruent (might not change ? ? ? ? ) to mood tend to control what our affect is when we are sad, we tend not to show it, tend to control it. Slide 2: Mood - Subjective emotional state - Must ask the person should not judge it from their affect to avoid incongruent affect - Tend to be more stable than affect mood last for a longer period of time - Someone with depressed mood but feels happy, sad throughout the day. λ “Emotional background” Five main types λ Depressed λ Euphoric ? ? ? λ Euthymic ‘normal’ λ Irritable quick to anger λ Anxious feeling very worry Another term: Anbedonia inability to experience enjoyment or pleasure. when one used to. Slide 3: Perception - Hallucinations λ Perceiving things that are not there. 1. Auditory hearing things (most common in psychosis) 2. Visual seeing
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3. olfactory smell 4. Tactile/ somatic touch/feel 5. Gustatory tasting Slide 4: Level of Consciousness - If somebody is fully alert, conscious - Some people are in disoriented/ confused state don’t know where they are, or who they are. - Lethargic. ? ?   - Stuporous drunk, out of it - Comatose ? ? ? Slide 5: Insight + Judgment - Insight cognitive awareness λ Most often assessed by acknowledge me of something being wrong λ Low insight / poor insight means person does not have a awareness of something going on that is not right. alcohol drug problems…etc
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Lecture 4 - Lecture 4: Psych 300 Oct 3rd Slide 1: Affect...

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