Lecture 3 Psych 300A september 26th

Lecture 3 Psych 300A september 26th - Lecture 3 Psych 300A-...

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Lecture 3 Psych 300A- September 26 th Slide 1: Wechsler Memory Scale - Based on memory - Set of Picture of person each page (look at it for few seconds) - Another of cards of different persons (tell if you can recognize if you have seen this person) Slide 2: Objective tests Test has face-value Obvious what the test is asking about. a) MMPI-2 / MMPI-A Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Most widely used, have been used in 70 countries, 15000 of published articles, translated in 150 languages Very good reliability + validity Over 500 True/False Questions Name of scales (Don’t need to know) 2 main types of scales 1) Clinical Scales (personality, psychological issues that they may be experiencing) 2) Validity scales – ? .i. “Faking bad” - try to make them self look like if they have a mental health problem. Why would they do that? – Want to get access to drugs, want some kind of attentions; government benefits (don’t need to work.) ? .ii. “faking good” – try to make themselves look like they have the problem- to avoid the stigma, afraid of what the consequences will be. ? .iii. Malingering ? .iv. Forensic populations b) Rating Scales Most are self-report (e.g Beck Depression Inventory) i. Rating scale to quantify severity
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ii. Objectively monitor progress Some completed by others (e.g Child Behavior Checklist) Strengths of objective TEST: - Most have good reliability + validity - Good for research as well as clinical practice Weaknesses: - Not useful for children or individuals with cognitive impairment. In general, objective test are used by clinicians with a cognitive or behavioral
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Lecture 3 Psych 300A september 26th - Lecture 3 Psych 300A-...

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