Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder - Chapter 11 Personality Disorder...

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Chapter 11: Personality Disorder Personality disorders in DSM-IV-TR: λ Cluster A= Odd Paranoid Schizoid Schizotypal λ Cluster B= Dramatic/ erratic Antisocial Borderline Histrionic Narcissistic λ Cluster B= Fearful/ anxiety Avoidant Dependent Obsessive-compulsive λ Coded on Axis II in DSM: - Resistant to resistant so it’s not in Axis I - Start early on and longer term course λ All can be diagnosed before age 18 (with the exception for antisocial P.D) λ Comorbidity between P.D is high P.D with other mental disorders λ Poor inter-rater reliability in diagnosis (with the exception of antisocial personality disorder) Cluster A- Paranoid ? ? ? ? ? ? ? λ When you think somebody is distrustful or suspicious ex. think people are trying to take advantage of them, after their mind, people are just never nice, always want something, and want to use them. λ Doubt royalty friends or family λ Irritable or cranky λ Controlling in relationships λ More males diagnosed. λ Maybe abusive and violence λ Legal disputes λ Difficult to treat!-> do not trust people so no therapy can work NOT RELATED TO SCHIZOPHRENIA~!!!
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Cluster A- Schizoid P.D λ Similar to Negative symptoms of schizophrenia λ Anhendonia λ Flat affect λ “detached ” or “emotionally distant” λ Friends+ relationships are of no interact λ Solitary lifestyle
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Personality Disorder - Chapter 11 Personality Disorder...

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