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Unformatted text preview: rver as the base page, and the path to the server has latency L (that is its one-way propagation delay) and bandwidth B. None of the images can be requested until the entire base page is retrieved. Ignore congestion from other traffic, and server processing time (i.e., assume the web server can process requests as fast as they come in). Assume all HTTP request packets, as well as TCP SYNs and ACKs, are tiny (compared to the returning responses), the base page has size P and each image has size M. Further, assume that the TCP window is large enough so that the connections can fill the pipe (i.e., achieve bandwidth B). Note that the next TCP connection can start before the previous TCP connection has terminated (i.e., HTTP does not need to wait until for the exchange of FINs to complete before issuing its next request). For each of the scenarios below, describe the total time (in terms of L, B, P, and M) it takes to retrieve the base page and its embedded images. Pick from one of the following options for each: a) 10L + P/B + 3M/B b) 5L + (P+M)/B c) 6L + 4M/B d) 4L + P/B + M/B e) 16L + P/B + 3M/B f) 8L + P/B + 6M/B g) 8L + 2P/B + 3M/B h) 8L + 3P/B + 2M/B i) 8L + P/B + 3M/B j) 4L + P/B + 3M/B k) 4L + 3(P+B)/M l) 6L + P/B + 3M/B i) Sequential (one-at-a-time) requests with nonpersistent TCP connections:_e__ ii) Concurrent requests with nonpersistent TCP connections:__ i __ iii) Sequential requests within a single persistent TCP connection:__ a __ iv) Pipelined requests within a single persistent TCP connection:_ l ___ 8 5. BGP [10 points] i) Consider the network in Figure 1 (on the next page), with ASes A, B, C, D. Each AS has some number of routers (labeled as A1, A2, etc.) and the domains are connected internally and with each other by the links depicted in the figure. Assume that eBGP and iBGP are used for interdomain routing, and that ASes A and D are using RIP for intradomain routing while ASes B and C are using OSPF for intradomain routing. Prefix x hangs off an interface on router C3. For the following answer, use one of these options: a) b) c) d) OSPF RIP eBGP...
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