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EE122 Routing Simulator Guide v0.3 (19/10/2011) Running the Simulator Here’s the info you need to get started with the simulator: File Layout The simulator is organized thusly: - Starts up the simulator. sim/ - Inner workings of the simulator. Keep out. sim/ - Parts of the simulator that you'll need to use (such as the Entity class). See help(api). sim/ - Basic simulator pieces built with the API. See help(basics). sim/ - You can use this to create your own topologies/scenarios. See help(topo). scenarios/*.py - Test topologies and scenarios for you to use. See help(scenarios). Getting Started To start the simulator, run to view console logs, and to interact with the simulated network: This pops up a new window, spouts some informational text, and gives you a Python interpreter in the terminal. In the new window, you’ll see DEBUG messages output by the hosts and switches in the simulated network. From the interpreter in the terminal, you can run arbitrary Python code, can inspect and manipulate the simulation, and can get help on many aspects of the simulator. As comes, it simply creates a test scenario (mostly this just means a topology) and starts the simulator. You may wish to modify it to load a different scenario (including a custom one). In particular, you can modify the scenario on line 22, and the switches used in the network on line 15. By default, the simulator will load a ‘linear’ scenario (two hosts connected by a single hub) with a Hub switch that just forwards between the two. To change the scenario and switches imported by the simulator, find the lines that define “switch” and “scenario” and edit them, e.g, : from learning_switch import LearningSwitch as switch from rip-router import RipRouter as switch import scenarios.linear as scenario import scenarios.candy as scenario
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You can see the source code for the Hub switch in, and the source code for the scenario in the scenarios/ directory.
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simulator_guide - EE122 Routing Simulator Guide v0.3...

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