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BILD Lecture week 2.1 Exam review session: Monday april 21 st , 630 to 830. Pcynh 109 CH2O = carbohydrates Proteins 1.) Proteins: accountsss for 50% of dry mass of most cells a. Instrumental in cellular processes a.i. Monomer: Amino Acid: units of protein a.ii. strung together = polypeptide. = polymer a.iii. Protein = 3 dimensional conformation. a.iv. 20 amino acids. b. –oxyl = acid 2.) Amino acids, through peptide bonds wth be lieadi ino a peptide bond via dehydration rxn a.) Four levels of protein structure. a. Alpha helix or beta pleat via H bonds. a.i. However tertiary structure 3’ will fall back onto eat other.
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Unformatted text preview: Depends on pH environments. a.ii. Quraternary structure. It is an aggregate of two or more polypeptide subunits. Collage, hemoglobin. a.iii. Oly H bonds = 2’ a.iv. Covalent bonds = 1 st a.v. All types = 3’ tertiary 3.) Why not 1’ sequence? H bonds are week. 4.) .nucleotides phosphodiester bonds nucleic acid 5.) Amino acid peptide bond polypeptide 6.) DBL helix. H bonds allow pairing of two bads. 7.) Van der wal interaction between stacked. Midterm Wednesday april 14th...
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