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lecture 15 Nunez - 3.) Moving-ego, moving-time a. meetings...

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Conceptual abstraction and the embodied mind: The empirical study of spatial constructs of time Rafael E Nunez 1.) At my hotel room in tokyo… a. Up down forward backward time i. How are spatial things used to describe time. b. Some spisodes in Homo Sapiens’ life. Jay leno i. Co- speech gesture production 1. Not random gesturing. ii. Everday abstraction: spatial…. 2.) Spatial construals of time a. Cognitive linguistics b. How is mechanisms/syntax integrated?
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) Moving-ego, moving-time a. meetings are too close together i. No motion 1. ahead, refers to the future that hasnt occurred yet. 2. it is 20 minutes ahead of 1pm. 1:20? Or 12 40? ii. Ahead of what? 4.) We can usilitze multiple construals. a. Thermic, my dad is cold i. Not to physical temp, emotional state b. Spatial: I feel so distance from _____ 5.) South American Andres a. Ayamaras:...
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