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Lecture 14 Kim Sweeney

Lecture 14 Kim Sweeney - Event related potentials(ERPs A...

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Event related potentials (ERPs) A window onto the timing of cognition 1.) P300 can tell the timing of particular events. Btw. P = positive, n = negative a. You can shift it’s latency, make it have earlier or later. b. Depending on difficulty of task, latency can be pushed later. 2.) Unexpected events like language. Ex: random sentence a. If you get a word that’s related to the context, but not completely fitting, you will get an n400 response. The more related to context, the smaller the n400, the weirder it is..the higher the n400 b. Same for visual pictures too. It’s sensitive to repetition…decreases. c. “tomorrow I’m…” as the sentence progresses, the possibilities of the sentence decreases so the n400 decresases. N400 = processing difficulty. Semantics. meaning d. P300: generally to a categorization or stimulus evaluation. 3.) Response to words vs pictures = not identical. Slide with checkered responses = same electrode. “I take my coffee with milk and (picture of sugar). “ a. Both have a peak at 400 ms. The sifferences account for some overlapses, but
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