Lecture 11 Edwin Hutchins and Saeko Nomura

Lecture 11 Edwin Hutchins and Saeko Nomura - a. Problem =...

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Edwin Hutchins and Saeko Nomura The Ecology of Language Practices in Worldwide Airline Flight Deck Operations 1.) Micronesia. How people navigate w/o any big instruments/maps/charts. Cognition in the Wild. In NASA, jobs of pilots were slowly handed to computers. Modern airplines can land themselves if visilibty is 700 feet and if ceiling (cloud to ground) is 0. a. Problem is that flight deck getting confused if computers taken away aviation safetly. 2.) Launch of 787 first project with not all N.A. buyers. Also in Japan. = big business.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Problem = users of product not just American. Implications to problem of how to design a flight deck. 70% of worlds pilot not native English speakers. 3.) What accounts for Regoinal accident rates so high in Latin America than in US? a. What role does language and culture play in this? 4.) We all speak in different registers when we talk t different people a. Prosody: tempo and stress patterns in speaking....
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