Lecture 9 Ayse Saygin

Lecture 9 Ayse Saygin - gender, mood. a. Gives rise to...

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Ayse Sagin Understanding Others from Dots to Robots Embodiment of thought 1.) Mirror neurons: became a silver bullet in cogs sci…for a moment a. They don’t code every detail of the actions you see. b. They are not specific to vision c. Auditory mirror neurons in monkey 2.) Point-light biological motion: dozen dots. You are still able to extract what they are doing,
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Unformatted text preview: gender, mood. a. Gives rise to vivid action percepts. i. Use functional MRI 3.) Language Semantics a. Foot action words, hand action words, mouth action words, somatotopy. b. Body parts matched up for actual parts 4.) Empathy for pain: responses in stimulus active 5.)...
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