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Chris Johnson Animal Cognition Alien Intelligences The minds of other animals 1.) Comparative cognition a. Aims to understand the nature of mind via across species studies that ask… i. Sea slug: simple mind. Has basic perceptions and motor functions, light sensors, touch sense, ii. Dolphin: same world, same environment, but completely different. Has a big brain. Echolocation, very defined discrimination with their hearing. Can produce sounds with a very high amplitude that it has a physical impact, social signals with others, tactile. Unlike sea slug, dolphins have subtle discriminations with one another. Make coalitions, aids against opponents iii. Orca Whales: has the same capacity of dolphin also. Dolphins and Orcas take 10-12 years to reach maturity. They have to learn a lot before they have fully functional. Not like a tiger, which takes 2 years. The learn via imitation. Playful well into adulthood, surf waves, b. Primates: i. All have forward facing eyes = good depth perception, primates moved up
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