Lecture 1 intro

Lecture 1 intro - Different from factual memory ~1950...

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Cogs 1 9/24/09 www.dnitz.com Cognition – Knowledge, perception, complex thought, action, hand gestures: it is a multi disciplinatry, emphasizing understanding of though, perception, and action from a number of different perspectives. Involes neuro, psych, linguistics Sense of Space Ex: Myspace.com – sociology The grand challenege – computer science Embodiment - philosophy Frame of ref – mathematics Place fields – neuroscience Allocentric: different perspective Episodic memory: memory for events, context in which they occur, and ordering over time.
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Unformatted text preview: Different from factual memory. ~1950, experimenters from if hippocampus was taken out of rat, rat would be lost, ddn’t know it’s allocentric space. Neurologists began taking out the hippoca. From epileptic seizures. They took out HM’s hippoc. No more seizures, but couldn’t remember episodes. Lost ability to make episodic memories. …so, hippocampus affects allocentrics, and episodic memories.-At any given time, a neuron is active or inactive. Memory space slide. Sense of space is the foundation of how you build a memory....
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Lecture 1 intro - Different from factual memory ~1950...

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