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1 ACCT2542 – Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis Session 2, 2009 Solutions to Tutorial Questions for Tutorials held in: Week 12: Principles of Disclosure PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SOLUTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS UNTIL THE END OF ALL RELEVANT TUTORIALS
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2 WEEK 12 (October 12 – 16): Principles of Disclosure Students should also use this tutorial to raise questions from their self study of the introduction to corporate financial reporting in week 9 Tutorial Questions Picker et al., Chapter 13, Exercises 13-5 and 13-7 13.5 Accounting policies, accounting estimates State whether each of the following is an accounting policy or an accounting estimate for Company A: a) The useful life of depreciable plant is determined as being 6 years – accounting estimate b) Company A’s management determines that it will provide for all invoices in transit as at the balance date – accounting policy although it might not be an acceptable one! c)
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TutorialSolutions_Week12_PrinciplesDisclosure - ACCT2542...

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