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Balance of Payments Summary (BOPS) (Published) United States - China - Japan US Dollars, Millions Balances Current Account Balance -470,902.20 305,373.97 195,754.67 Capital Account Balance -152.35 4,630.33 -4,964.30 Financial Account Balance 254,297.65 -250,244.17 -174,328.55 Net Errors and Omissions -216,756.89 59,760.13 16,461.82 Net IIP -2,470,989.15 1,790,651.81 3,087,703.98 Total IIP Assets 20,315,359.21 4,126,042.60 6,918,651.82 Total IIP Liabilities 22,786,348.36 2,335,390.78 3,830,947.84 This data report uses BOP Standard Presentation data.
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Unformatted text preview: (-) Indicates that a figure is zero (...) Indicates a lack of statistical data that can be reported or calculated from underlying observations Data Source: Balance of Payments Statistics (BOP) Data extracted from IMF Data Warehouse on: 11/12/2011 9:31:00 PM Get more detailed data United States Balance of Payments Summary 2010 China Balance of Payments Summary 2010 Japan Balance of Payments Summary 2010 International Investment Position...
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