AIAA-2004-6800-533 - AIAA 2004-6800 USAF Developmental Test...

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PENDING AFFTC Approval : Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 1 Integrating Modeling and Simulation with Test and Evaluation Activities Major Donald Paul Waters * Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA, 93524 inherent symbiosis in the evaluation of advanced, complex systems. Both are used to reduce the risk that the system will not perform as needed in wartime activities. Neither can be used in isolation without increasing risks in other areas, but if used in coordination, some very powerful synergy and efficiencies can be gained. In addition to describing how to From these examples, some common characteristics activities, and transference of models across the spectrum of tests. Based on these builds on the standard test program by adding model updating and model transference to the existing activities. This paradigm is completed by proposing that evaluation reports be where appropriate. Nomenclature I. Introduction No, that’s not right. thing – the evaluation of the system. Separating them creates barriers. Choose the best tool to perform the evaluation. This paraphrased quote was the response of the Technical Director of the 412th Test Wing following a discussion of a draft roadmap for test execution and the impetus for this paper. How do we integrate test and look at the realities of test experience. for Acquisition and Technology, directed that Simulation, Test and Evaluation Process (STEP) be integral to all Test and Evaluation Master Plans. 1 This was linked to the overall Simulation-Based Acquisition (SBA) initiative, which envisioned “an acquisition process in which DoD and Industry are enabled by robust, collaborative use of simulation technology that is integrated across acquisition phases and programs.” 2 More recently, the Air Force Instruction 16-
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AIAA-2004-6800-533 - AIAA 2004-6800 USAF Developmental Test...

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