MGT 320 Syllabus2 Fall11 Kalika

MGT 320 Syllabus2 Fall11 Kalika - ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR...

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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MGT 320 (75549) – Thursday 9:00AM -11:45AM BAL1-27 Instructor: Professor Dale Kalika Office: BA 397M Telephone: (480) 965- 4790 Email: Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00 am – 1:00 pm and by appointment Required Materials Textbook : Angelo Kinicki & Robert Kreitner (2009) “Organizational Behavior: Key Concepts, Skills, and Best Practices, 4 th Edition available from Bookstore or Ebook (go to and search for “Kinicki”) Cases: HARVARD BUSINESS CASES Available from the XanEdu Link in Blackboard o “Gen Y in the Workplace” o “We Goggled You” o “When Steve Became Stephanie o “The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at Lima Tire Plant” o “The Layoff” o Toby Johnson (A): Leading After School” Tracking Business News . Each student should track business news on a daily basis. Examples of sites include yahoo, msnbc, businessweek, Forbes, Inc., etc. Highly Recommended: Subscription to the Wall Street Journal . The class will be broken up in teams; each team can purchase one copy of the WSJ but all members will have access to it online. The cost for the team is $29.95 for 15 weeks. Thus for a team of five members, the cost is about $6.00 each. Your team should start the subscription immediately after formation. Information can be found at or You will have access to both the online WSJ and one print version (if you want the hard copy version of The Wall Street Journal. Information can be found at or ; students get discounted rates. Additional Readings will be posted and be under Course Documents or External Links. IMPORTANT ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 1. Email Procedures. Ensure your email address is correct. Email communications to students is usually sent from Blackboard or through your ASU email account ; if you do not use the ASU default email address (e.g., you use a gmail account), ensure your mail is forwarded correctly and that your mailbox is not full. I am not responsible for messages not received due to full mailboxes. E-mail is answered most often during business hours, Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Email messages to the professor should be written as they would be if you were in any professional situation. For example, in the subject line always include MGT 320 and the topic of your message. Individual e-mails are usually answered within two days. Note: There are real, substantive issues going on in business regarding how email is composed, sent and read, with questionable practices often breaching appropriate boundaries of privacy, personal discretions and indiscretions, etc. People have been fired due to statements made in email, including confidential information, jokes
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This note was uploaded on 01/07/2012 for the course MGT 320 taught by Professor Kalika during the Fall '11 term at ASU.

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MGT 320 Syllabus2 Fall11 Kalika - ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR...

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