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Organizational Analysis Proposal (students to complete) 1. What is the nature of the problem facing this firm? How does it fall within the scope of the OB field? The main problem we are focusing on is how the company can switch from an inbound customer service system which is currently outsourced to an internally managed system. This falls under organization behavior because the company is going to have to cope with seasonality issues and it’s relation to recruitment, and training. This process of change can be significantly hard for a business to implement efficiently and effectively while maintaining a high level of customer service. 2. What models/principles are you thinking of using to analyze the problem? We will probably be conducting a business model analysis in order to get a good idea of how the business and function as to better understand the complications of internalizing the inbound customer
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Unformatted text preview: service responsibility. We may also be looking into how does a significant change such as this effect the current employees of the organizations and the company’s capacity to meet customer’s demand. 3. What will form the evidential basis for your observations and research in defining the scope and significance of the problem e.g. Interviews, surveys, policies, business correspondence, mass media, newspapers, books, etc. We will be conducting in-person and over the phone interviews with the business owner as well as performing independent research of past similar cases. This will give us the ability to avoid making mistakes that companies have made in the past and help us devise up the best plan possible for the internalization process....
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