Decision part B.

Decision part B. - 1 For each party define a The options...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. For each party define: a. The options available b. The criteria one can use to assess the options c. Analysis of options d. Your team’s recommendation and why e. What the next action step should be Mimi, frd Virginia and john Fred has a variety of options to choose from in making this decision. Fred can choose to hire Mimi regardless of her past, he could choose to not hire her at all or he could choose to offer her a different job in the company. The main criteria for analysis are overall risk vs. the overall gain of hiring Mimi. In analyzing which decision is better John must consider what evaluate how valuable Mimi’s skills are to the organization and to what extent will it affect the company. He also has to consider how much Mimi’s past would affect how she and the company will be perceived if this information comes to surface. Finally Fred must evaluate what is the probability that Mimi will repeat her past actions if hired. Our team recommends that Fred hire Mimi for the that Mimi will repeat her past actions if hired....
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