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Layoff case - "The Layoff Case Analysis(15 points Fall11...

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“The Layoff” Case Analysis (15 points) Fall11 MGT 320 Professor Kalika Instructions. This is a team assignment. Read the case carefully. Type your responses using Times New Roman 11 font. When possible, you can bullet your responses. When you have completed the assignment, print it and bring it to class to submit to the instructor. Be prepared to discuss your responses in class. Team Name______________________ List of participants doing this case analysis by last name in alphabetical order. Last Last Name First First Name Background: 1. Who are the major cast of “characters” in the situation? Robin Astrigo – President and son of the owner Morris Meyers – CFO Lisa Warren Bob Slater – Executive Director of Strategy Marzita Vasquez – Head of HR Sushil Bhatia, - VP of Marketing 2. Problem Definition. Problem 1 : The first problem is that the current economic condition is causing the company to lose money and therefore payout less to its investors. The company had attempted to slash inventory and expenses but they were still losing to other companies with worse customer service but overall lower prices. The main problem is that whatever solution the company may choose has a variety of implications for a variety of people. Robin Astrigo had a reputation to uphold, a job to maintain, and a company way of life (keeping millions of money as a safety net) created and instilled upon him by his father. Facts : Astrigo Holdings missed its earnings estimate by 20 cents a share and profits had dropped by double digits. If Robin does not devise an intelligent response to the companies woes everything the company and Robin pride themselves on is at stake. Robin must make a decision but each possible strategy has different repercussions for both the company and himself. Problem 2 : It is decided a large reduction in employees must occur specifically in the area of middle managers. The issue is deciding what employees to layoff and to consider the potential repercussions for the company’s image, brand, and culture if they remove the wrong employees or do so in the wrong manner. Facts:
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Layoff case - "The Layoff Case Analysis(15 points Fall11...

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