MGT 320 Case Analysis Treadway Tire Fall11

MGT 320 Case Analysis Treadway Tire Fall11 - "The Treadway...

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“The Treadway Tire Co.: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant.” Case Analysis 1(15 points) Fall11 MGT 320 Professor Kalika Instructions. This is a team assignment. Read the case carefully. Type your responses using Times New Roman 11 font. When possible, you can bullet your responses. When you have completed the assignment, print it and bring it to class to submit to the instructor. Be prepared to discuss your responses in class. Team Name_Ben and the van’s List of participants doing this case analysis by last name in alphabetical order. Last Last Name First First Name Newman Adam Karr Evan Weingarten Mike Tang Ivan Ivan Background: 1. Who are the major cast of “characters” in the situation? 1. Who are the major cast of “characters” in the situation? - Ashley Wall, Director of Human Resources at Treadway Tire Company’s Lima, Ohio Plant - Line Foreman for the Lima Plant 2. What are the relevant facts leading to the problem? Multiple incidents occurred between hourly workers and line foreman do to communication issues. This led to concerns about the line foreman’s lack of authority and also led to poor morale for the employees and overall productivity loss. Lack of a creditable training program for new line foreman created the issue of having inexperienced and underprepared people being given line foreman positions. Whenever a vacancy for a general supervisor position opens up, young college graduates usually fill those sports. Therefore, current line foreman see no way to move up within the company. To make matters worse, no new salaried positions would be created at Lima in 2008. All of the above mentioned, helped lead to the problem of poor turn over for line foreman at the Lima plant.
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Problem Definition. Problem 1: The major problem that we saw in this case was the fact that line foremen do not have the proper training. They are expected to meet daily performance goals, however, when the hourly workers are not doing what they are supposed to, the line foremen do not have the proper training to control the situation. They are expected to know what to do and they clearly do not. This results in the line foremen only knowing to yell and argue with the hourly workers and it creates conflict and lowers the morale of both the line foremen and the hourly workers. The plant manager will not implement the one-month training program because of budget costs. The problem with this is, the loss in revenues may be stemming from the fact that the workers are not being properly trained, therefore reducing the production of the company. The employees that are in charge of training these employees, outside of the training program, do not seem to care at all. They take the training very lightly and basically send the new line foremen to fend for
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MGT 320 Case Analysis Treadway Tire Fall11 - "The Treadway...

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