MGT 320 Peer Assessment 1

MGT 320 Peer Assessment 1 - Management 320 Professor Kalika...

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Management 320 Professor Kalika Peer Assessment 1 (15 points) Due through Safe Assignment by 9/22, Wednesday, by 11:59 pm. Last Name: Newman First Name: Adam Date: 9/22/11 Team Ben and the Van’s You have now worked with your team members for several weeks. You have participated in exercises as well as hopefully initiated your organizational analysis project. Now is the time to examine ways to enhance team performance . Instructions. This form must be typewritten, followed exactly. Points may be deducted for writing if there are significant errors in spelling or grammar. Read the instructions carefully. Anonymous feedback will be provided to each member of the team on strengths and areas of improvement. Norms Assessment (5 points) Instructions . In this table, fill in (type) the last names of all your group members , excluding yourself in alphabetical order by last name . On a scale of 1 to 3, 1 being below average, 2 being average, and 3 being superlative performance, please rate each member’s performance to date. Be candid. For example, if people are completing their tasks on time, that is average performance. If a person gets it done early, that is superlative. If a person did an equitable share of work, that is average; if they did more than their fair share of work, it is superlative. Then average up all the scores for each member and fill them in . If this Assessment is not done correctly, e.g. the average is not filled in; last names are not in alpha order, no points will be given for this section. Norms
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MGT 320 Peer Assessment 1 - Management 320 Professor Kalika...

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