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Make-Up Article Assignment

Make-Up Article Assignment - Wall Street Journal Article...

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Wall Street Journal Article Assignment Assignment #: Make-up Section Scheduled Line Number (SLN): 76427 Article Title: Insourcing: The Secret To Job Growth, World News: South Korea Defends Trade Pact --- Some Korean Critics Say Deal Seoul Sealed With Washington After Three-Year Deadlock Favors U.S. Author(s), Date and Page Number: Robert M. Kimmitt , Matthew J. Slaughter, December 6, 2010. pg. A.19 and Evan Ramstad, December 6, 2010. pg. A.8 Article Word Count based on Wall Street Journal: Eastern Edition publication of the ABI Inform Database: 726 words, 601 words Executive Summary: The two articles that have been chosen for this report have been written to illustrate the challenges that both the United States government and American corporations are dealing with in the global market. The first article was written in regards to domestic sourcing. The authors explain how insourcing or domestic sourcing is the best strategy for sustainable growth in the American economy. The reason behind this argument is based upon a recent survey done analyzing the positive performance of corporations who insource, or employ Americans. The survey comes at a time where unemployment rates within the country are at extremely high rates. The article provides recommendations for U.S. policy makers to improve the level of insourcing among multi-national corporations. These recommendations stem for three major economic issues: taxes, trade, and tone. The second article discusses the details behind the trade pact between South Korea and the United States. The deal has been in an ongoing status for the past three years until it was just recently finalized. The trade agreement is the largest by value of trade volume anywhere in the world since NAFTA took effect in 1994. The agreement has been said to create at least 70,000 American jobs and would allow American car makers entry into one of the most closed auto
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markets in the world. Discussion of Course Concepts: Globalization inevitably creates a great deal of pressure placed upon both private companies as well as national governments. For corporations, the pressure stems from international cost savings, usually in terms of labor, as well as access to bigger markets in order to maximize profits. However, for governments the pressure comes from foreign strategic trade policy which is critical to create a prosperous domestic economy.
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Make-Up Article Assignment - Wall Street Journal Article...

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