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Sample Article Assignment - Wall Street Journal Article...

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Wall Street Journal Article Assignment Assignment #: 1 Section Scheduled Line Number (SLN): 12345 Last Name: Doe First Name: John 10-Digit Affiliate ID Number: 1234567890 Article Title: Diamond Industry Makeover Sends Fifth Avenue to Africa Author(s), Date and Page Number: Vanessa O’Connell, October 26, 2009, page A1 Article Word Count based on Wall Street Journal: Eastern Edition publication of the ABI Inform Database: 2218 words Executive Summary: Tiffany & Co., the world renowned jewelry company, historically purchased the diamonds it used in its luxury engagement rings pre-cut and pre-polished from external suppliers. But when global diamond-jewelry sales soared late last decade, Tiffany became concerned about continued access to diamonds with dwindling global supplies. Tiffany began sourcing, cutting, and polishing its own diamonds to become its own supplier of these precious stones. This article describes the actions taken by Tiffany to manage its supply chain and the challenges the firm has encountered. Discussion of Course Concepts: Backward integration is often used by companies to maintain tight control over needed raw materials and component parts, especially when supply for those items is limited. Backward integration often lowers costs for a firm by eliminating intermediaries and also allows the firm to closely control its supply chain. Tiffany uses a differentiation business-level strategy in which product quality is crucial for being able to maintain a premium brand image, and a corresponding premium price point. Tiffany’s backward integration should allow the firm to continue to have ready access to the caliber of stones needed to support its differentiation strategy.
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Sample Article Assignment - Wall Street Journal Article...

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