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WSJ assignment 3 - Wall Street Journal Article Assignment...

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Wall Street Journal Article Assignment Assignment #: 3 Section Scheduled Line Number (SLN): 76427 Last Name: Newman First Name: Adam 10-Digit Affiliate ID Number: 1200202332 Article Title: BK's Strategy: Play Catch-Up Author(s), Date and Page Number: Julie Jargon, Gina Chon , Sep 3, 2010. pg. B.1 Article Word Count based on Wall Street Journal: Eastern Edition publication of the ABI Inform Database: 755 words Executive Summary: Burger King, a Miami based fast food chain has been experiencing significant market share losses to McDonalds and is realizing it must make a significant change which includes increased international expansion. To assist in accomplishing this goal the company agreed to a 3.3 billion dollar buyout with the New York based private investment firm 3G Capital Management Incorporated. Currently, the majority of Burger King’s income is derived from the United States. Once the new agreement is finalized (by the end of the year) the company will most likely shift its focus to increasing growth in Latin America. 3G is backed mostly by affluent Brazilian businessmen, whose expertise Burger King believes could be useful in successfully
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WSJ assignment 3 - Wall Street Journal Article Assignment...

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