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Quiz _5 Takehome - ACC241 - Fall 2009 Take-Home Quiz #4,...

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Fill your answer in on the attached sheet – Due at beginning of class on Monday, October 19 th . To get the most benefit from this material, you should work the questions AS IF it were an actual exam (all the way through, without books or notes Multiple Choice (1/2 point each) Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. If production increases by 15%, how will total variable costs likely react? a. Increase by 7.5% b. Increase by 15% c. Decrease by 15% d. Remain the same 2. Refer to the figure above. A charge for electricity that is based on a flat rate plus a variable cost after a certain number of kilowatt-hours are used follows which of the following cost behavior patterns? a. Graph a b. Graph b c. Graph c d. Graph d 3. You are given the following cost and volume information: Volume Cost per unit (in units) (in $) 500 $6 1,000 3 1,500 2 Which type of cost is given? a. Variable b. Fixed c. Step d. Mixed Copyright © 2009, School of Accountancy, Arizona State University
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Mr. Quik Printers documented the number of copies it made for customers as well as total overhead costs for the past five months as follows: Number of copies Total overhead costs October ------------- 230,000 $7,400 November ---------- 240,000 7,500 December ---------- 280,000 8,000 January ------------- 265,000 7,700 February ----------- 248,000 7,550 4. Refer to Mr. Quik Printers information above. Using the high/low method, what is the overhead cost equation? a. Y = $400 + $.030x b. Y = $4,640 + $.012x c. Y = $7,630 + $.001x d. Y = $5,566 + $.008x 5. All else being equal, which of the following would not cause the contribution margin to decrease? a. An increase in total variable costs. b.
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Quiz _5 Takehome - ACC241 - Fall 2009 Take-Home Quiz #4,...

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