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Adam Newman ENG 302 Short Business Communication -Informative Memo -Persuasive Letter (blood drive/ food drive) - Bad News Memo (health insurance) What did you learn? From these three assignments I leaned that the structure and organization of your letter or memo is imperative. I general, I used to organize my papers by paragraph but never paid much attention to the organization within each paragraph. I also learned that visual appeal either good or bad can affect how the reader interprets your message. I now realize it is important to not have large paragraphs with lots of information because readers tend to skip areas where they may be bored. This has showed me that I need to incorporate bullets to highlight points that would normally be in a list and to bold words that are extremely important. What were the challenges? Some of the challenges for me were not over wording my sentences and properly utilizing commas, colons and other grammatical tools. In all of the assignments my initial drafts were
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Unformatted text preview: good and informative but not appealing to a reader. I learned that I needed to be more concise and specific. Overall I think the biggest challenge for me was making sure all of my sentences were grammatically correct. Evaluate the in-class activities: I think almost all of the in-class activities were beneficial to my development as a business writer. I think the activity that helped me the most was when we reviewed examples on the screen and went through them sentence by sentence evaluating the positive and negative aspects. This allowed me to see exactly what the assignment required and gave me good examples of what not to do. The only improvement that should be implemented in the future is more time spent peer reviewing. Although peer reviews helped me it would have been nice to have my paper edited by more students. Most assignments were seen by one or maybe two students. If I could get four or more opinions n my paper it would give me more insight on how to improve....
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