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Derek Titus - and collaborated with others very well Areas...

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MGT 310 Feedback to Each Team Member (complete a separate sheet for each team member) Due 15 th Week of Class Team Member’s Name: Derek Titus Team Name Crazy 8’s Your Name (optional) Adam Positive Comments to the Team Member: Derek was always very optimistic about assignments and activities. When the rest of the group was wary about completing a goal Derek was always adamant about staying positive and moving forward. Derek was a hard worker
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Unformatted text preview: and collaborated with others very well. Areas for Improvement for the Team Member : Derek could try to be a little more vocal. I know Derek had a lot of good ideas but sometimes he didn’t vocalize them. In the future try to demonstrate more leadership skills and demonstrate your knowledge of subjects. Also try to be more on time for all group meetings....
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