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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 18 Notebooks Use a bound hard cover notebook. Duplicate notebooks, such as used in CHEM 2OA3/2BA3/2OB3/2BB3, are REQUIRED. The instructor will not be responsible for lost lab books; therefore failure to use a duplicate book may result in (a) mark(s) of 0 for laboratories. A laboratory notebook is a diary of the laboratory work. IT SHOULD BE WRITTEN AS THE EXPERIMENT IS CARRIED OUT AND SHOULD BE AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE . Remember, it must be precise and contain enough information to trace a mistake or allow another person to repeat the work. Record in your notebook everything which you do and observe as you carry out the experiment. Write in the past tense. Do not copy out the laboratory instructions. TLC plates : Do not tape TLC plates into your lab notebook. Trace/sketch out the plate into your
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Unformatted text preview: notebook showing all spots, their positions and intensity, then dispose of the TLC plate. It is a waste of time to spend hours decorating a laboratory notebook, nor does it impress the instructor. A notebook should be neat but need not be a work of art. Clarity of procedure and results are what count. A general outline for a report as well as a specific example follow. Note: This type of laboratory report is written at least as far as the conclusion during the lab period. You have enough to do as it is without spending evenings writing up labs. In some cases, you may wish to record a yield, melting point, or spectrum in the lab period after the one in which the preparation was carried out. In this case, be prepared to write these results up in the lab, and hand your report in....
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