Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 24

Chemistry 30A3 Fall 2011 Labs Dr. Troendle 24 - and account...

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Chemical Biology 3OA3, September 2009 Page 24 structure). (b) Draw and name the two common nucleosides containing this ring structure that occur in nucleic acids. (c) Draw the structures of each of these bases, hydrogen – bonded to their (Watson-Crick) complement. 3. Caffeine forms salts with carboxylic acids. Deduce which is the most basic site of caffeine
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Unformatted text preview: and account for your choice ( hint- take into account resonance stabilization and the molecular orbitals involved). 4. Is the NMR spectrum (either your own or the one in the Appendix) consistent with the structure of caffeine? Is the sample pure by NMR? (It is not necessary (or easy) to assign the resonances to each of the specific methyl groups)....
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