eel4713asgt3 - EEL4713 Assignment#3 Spring 2009 Assigned...

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EEL4713 Assignment #3 Spring 2009 Assigned: 1/19/2010 Demo: 2/02/2010 Due: 2/05/2010 in class Section 1: Setup There is no setup in this assignment. Section 2: Textbook Questions Chapter 4 questions: 4.2.1-3, 4.8.1-3 Section 3: Laboratory This laboratory will consist of two parts: one on MIPS simulation (3.1) and one on VHDL design (3.2). (3.1): MIPS simulation In this part of the assignment, you will use the application “bugspim” in much the same way that you used “spim” from assignment 1. “bugspim” simulates a MIPS processor like “spim” does except that the microprocessor it simulates has a number of bugs that make the execution of certain instructions incorrect. Your task is to identify these bugs by running MIPS assembly code in “bugspim” and verifying whether the behavior of instructions follow the instruction set specifications. There are a total of 5 instructions with bugs: one ALU operation, two control flow instructions, an instruction which uses immediate values, and a memory access instruction. In your answer, specify: a) which instructions have bugs, b) what is the incorrect behavior you observed, and c) what assembly code you used to determine the incorrect behavior. Download the BugSPIM simulator with the following command: sudo wget If you get a “permission denied” message when attempting to execute bugspim try the command: sudo chmod 755 bugspim 1
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Then execute. If you have any problems just post a query on the class group and Dr. Figueiredo or myself will attempt to answer it in a timely fashion. (Hint: be systematic while searching for the instructions with bugs and use short instruction sequences with step-by-step simulation). (3.2): VHDL design You will continue your design of a MIPS datapath. Below are the descriptions of several crucial components needed for datapath construction: There will be situations in your datapath design where you will need to add two 32-bit data words. To accomplish this design and simulate a
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eel4713asgt3 - EEL4713 Assignment#3 Spring 2009 Assigned...

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