eel4713asgt4 - EEL4713 Assignment#4 Spring 2010 Assigned...

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EEL4713 Assignment #4 Spring 2010 Assigned: 2/02/10 Due: 3/03/10 in class Section 1: Setup There is no setup for this assignment. Section 2: Textbook Questions There are no textbook questions for this assignment. Section 3: Laboratory In this laboratory you will be designing a single cycle implementation of a MIPS processor. Your processor will need to be able to successfully execute 29 instructions – all the instructions listed under Core Instruction Set on the green reference sheet from your book, except for ll (load linked) and sc (store conditional). Please read sections 4.3 and 4.4 of your textbook for insight on how this can be done. Begin your design by implementing one of the 29 instructions in a fashion similar to figure 4.17 in your textbook. Then, modify your previous hardware to implement the next instruction, adding any additional control signals needed for the instruction to function correctly. Repeat until all 29 instructions are fully implemented. Your report should include a separate section for each instruction with the following: A discussion of the modifications to the previous instructions hardware needed to implement the current instruction (including a screenshot or hand drawing of the added hardware) The control signals you had to add and all of the values the control signals must have for the instruction to operate correctly An annotated simulation output that proves that the instruction works correctly Timing information that describes how adding this instruction affects the previous clock rate. If an instruction can be implemented with the previous instructions
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eel4713asgt4 - EEL4713 Assignment#4 Spring 2010 Assigned...

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