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Name: _________________________ Student ID: _________________________ EEL 4713: Computer Architecture - Spring 2011 Midterm 1 - 100 points possible 1. (4 pts) What are two drawbacks for taking a single cycle to execute each instruction? Long cycle time, all instructions take the time of the longest instruction Many more functional units are needed Can’t be pipelined Additional correct answers…. 2. (10 pts total) Floating point numbers: a) (6 pts) Show the values (in binary) of the exponent fields for the single-precision floating-point notation of the decimal numbers A = 115.5 and B = 5.75. A = 1110011.1 = 1.1100111*2^6 => e=6+127 = 133 = 10000101 B = 101.11 = 1.0111*2^2 => e=2+127 = 129 = 10000001 b) (4 pts) What is the purpose of the bias in the exponent field? Facilitates the comparison of floating point numbers 3. (6 pts total) Of the five design aspects (program, compiler, ISA, organization, and/or technology), which affect an application’s instruction count. Program, compiler, and ISA 4. (4 pts total) Which method, callee or caller saved registers, may result in fewer assembly instructions and why. Callee saved because only the registers that are changed are saved/restored. 5. (6 pts) Along a multiple cycle delay path in a multi-cycle instruction execution implementation, it may be okay to violate single cycle timing constraints as long as the multi-cycle timing constraint is maintained. Give one advantage and one disadvantage for leveraging multiple delay paths? (3 pts) Advantages: Saves registers, allows timing to be shared across multiple cycles and thus may
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mt1_sol - Name: _ Student ID: _ EEL 4713: Computer...

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