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file:///H|/Documents/August1/Part77.txt PART 77--OBJECTS AFFECTING NAVIGABLE AIRSPACE Subpart A--General Sec. 77.1 Scope. 77.2 Definition of terms. 77.3 Standards. 77.5 Kinds of objects affected. Subpart B--Notice of Construction or Alteration 77.11 Scope. 77.13 Construction or alteration requiring notice. 77.15 Construction or alteration not requiring notice. 77.17 Form and time of notice. 77.19 Acknowledgment of notice. Subpart C--Obstruction Standards 77.21 Scope. 77.23 Standards for determining obstructions. 77.25 Civil airport imaginary surfaces. 77.27 [Reserved] 77.28 Military airport imaginary surfaces. 77.29 Airport imaginary surfaces for heliports. Subpart D--Aeronautical Studies of Effect of Proposed Construction on Navigable Airspace 77.31 Scope. 77.33 Initiation of studies. 77.35 Aeronautical studies. 77.37 Discretionary review. 77.39 Effective period of determination of no hazard. Subpart E--Rules of Practice for Hearings Under Subpart D 77.41 Scope. 77.43 Nature of hearing. 77.45 Presiding officer. 77.47 Legal officer. 77.49 Notice of hearing. 77.51 Parties to the hearing. 77.53 Prehearing conference. 77.55 Examination of witnesses. 77.57 Evidence. 77.59 Subpoenas of witnesses and exhibits. 77.61 Revision of construction or alteration proposal. 77.63 Record of hearing. 77.65 Recommendations by parties. 77.67 Final decision of the Administrator. 77.69 Limitations on appearance and representation. Subpart F--Establishment of Antenna Farm Areas 77.71 Scope. 77.73 General provisions. 77.75 Establishment of antenna farm areas. Authority: 49 U.S.C. 106(g), 40103, 40113-40114, 44502, 44701, 44718, 46101-46102, 46104. file:///H|/Documents/August1/Part77.txt (1 of 15) [8/29/2001 2:17:15 PM]
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file:///H|/Documents/August1/Part77.txt Source: Docket No. 1882, 30 FR 1839, Feb. 10, 1965, unless otherwise noted. Subpart A--General Sec. 77.1 Scope. This part: (a) Establishes standards for determining obstructions in navigable airspace; (b) Sets forth the requirements for notice to the Administrator of certain proposed construction or alteration; (c) Provides for aeronautical studies of obstructions to air navigation, to determine their effect on the safe and efficient use of airspace; (d) Provides for public hearings on the hazardous effect of proposed construction or alteration on air navigation; and (e) Provides for establishing antenna farm areas. Sec. 77.2 Definition of terms. For the purpose of this part: "Airport available for public use" means an airport that is open to the general public with or without a prior request to use the airport. "A seaplane base" is considered to be an airport only if its sea lanes are outlined by visual markers. "Nonprecision instrument runway" means a runway having an existing instrument approach procedure utilizing air navigation facilities with only horizontal guidance, or area type navigation equipment, for which a straight- in nonprecision instrument approach procedure has been approved, or planned, and for which no precision approach facilities are planned, or indicated on
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Part77 - file/H|/Documents/August1/Part77 PART 77-OBJECTS...

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