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A9 Trani Page 1 of 9 CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design Spring 2009 Quiz 3 Solution Date Due: Instructor: Trani Problem 1 The San Bernardo International airport county is being designed by an engineering team. The proposed concept is illustrated in Figure 1. The airport has a single 12,000 ft. precision runway. Figure 1. Airport Configuration. The domestic terminal is expected to accommodate Boeing 737‐800 aircraft. the international terminal should be capable of serving Airbus A380 aircraft side by side. The airport authority would like you to size dimensions A, B, C, D, E,and F using the following design criteria: Critical aircraft is the Airbus A380 (assume 580 seats per aircraft). Assume 160 passengers per Boeing 737. 16 critical aircraft positions are needed at every pier element 2 security areas located as indicated in the diagram a) Estimate the dimensions of A‐F and draw to scale in an 8.5 x 11 sheet The solution proposed for this airport is shown in the next page. Note that two possible outcomes are possible in the dual taxilane design: a) provide dual taxilanes for the A380 aircraft or b) provide the East taxilane for A380 and the West taxilane for the Boeing 737‐800. Typical dimensions are shown in Table 1.
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q3_cee4674_2009_sol - CEE 4674: Airport Planning and Design...

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